The Himalayan Law

02 January 2017

It was the first day of the year when we kicked off our trek with a climb to Juda Ka Talab and witnessed out first snowfall. As we reached our campsite, the snowfall increased and in a few hours thick snow was piled up almost everywhere. Pratik and I got excited and took out our poncho and tried sliding down the snowy slopes. After a few unsuccessful attempts, we finally found a foolproof path where we could glissade our way to happiness.

After getting tired, we ventured out to making our own snowman, and once we were done, I was asked to take out my phone to click a photograph. It was then when I realized that my phone was no longer in my pocket; which must have slipped out while I was glissading down the slopes. After hours long search, we acknowledged Murphy’s law – “Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong”, and gave up on my phone assuming that the phone would either me many inches under the snow by now thus being way too difficult to find or would no longer be in a working condition anyway.
The next day we left Juda Ka Talab campsite for the Kedarkantha base camp. We reached there by noon and had a quick, hot, yummy lunch. After an hour of rest, we left the campsite for a short walk to get acclimatized and prepare ourselves for the summit day. The beauty that unfolded during that walk, and the adrenaline rush that we came across when we crossed a dangerously narrow cliff trail, is a story for another day.

When we were back at our campsite, something unimaginable happened. Our trek leader (@shravanrawat) received a message on his wireless instrument that his friends at Juda Ka Talab had found a phone near the campsite. My happiness knew no bounds, notwithstanding the fact that the phone might no longer be in a working condition (however later it turned out that my phone was working just fine).
That evening I sat outside my tent while I saw dark clouds approaching us. What I also saw was a few mountains which were earlier under the dark (because of the shadow of the clouds), were now reflecting the bright light of the sun. This was because the clouds were not static, and thus no mountain remained in darkness forever….When we look at the mountains from the Kedarkantha base camp, we see that a few mountains are in the dark and a few have light over them because of the clouds which pour their shadow upon these mountains.

This phenomenon and my experience with my lost phone made me formulate a new law..

The Himalayan Law – Anything that goes wrong, will turn better and brighter, sooner or later.

My Himalayan Odyssey are a series of posts from my travel to the Himalayas which took place between 30/12/2016 and 07/01/2017


Heart or Mind?

28 / 29 December 2016

I am already regretting my decision of missing my train and staying back to ‘party’. What have been the cons? 3 things majorly – getting to Chennai late (really, really late) and having not really partied.

But on the brighter side, I shared memories which will last forever.

Whatever it is, I should not be regretting as it has already taken pace, and nothing can be done to change it. Maybe what I can do is learn from what happened.

What happened was that I got swayed away by emotions and made a decision which was not really mine. Probably, it was a decision of my heart and not one of my mind. Is it a good thing or a bad one?

Max Weber would have argued that rationality is the biggest virtue and hence the decisions of the mind are the ones that should prevail. But yeah, his theory did have a lot of limitations.

Maybe the real answer lies in following Buddha’s middle path.


Balancing both, the heart and the mind, is the key, maybe? But how….?

My Jugaadu Adventure are a series of posts from my travel to Bengaluru, Gokarna and Mangaluru which took place between 23/12/2016 and 29/12/2016