Do what you love?

04 January, 2017

When we take our temporary refuge from reality in hikes like these, we come across people who are really happy with life. We see them doing what they love and then we compare their work with our hate-filled work life.

But are they really happy doing what they love? Shravan was my trek leader during my Kedarkantha (KK) trek. He has trekked the KK summit over 100 times now. While he still loves trekking, the charm is no longer the same as it used to be when he first started. Similar is the case with Abhirup, another trek leader who has hiked Kashmir Great Lakes a dozen times.

These people do what they love but not when, where and why they love to do so. In the ideal world such distinction should not exist; but in reality it does. The best thing to do, maybe, is to separate what you do from what you love. You do not want your intrinsic motivation to be replaced by the extrinsic motivation of money.

So the next time you are motivated to quit your job and do what you love, do not.

Or…. maybe not. Things might get better if you do what you love and have almost complete independence over it.

Deepak is another trek leader I met during the trek. His story is quite different. He was born in Uttarkashi, Uttarakhand. He works as a freelancing trek guide and so far has traveled over half of India and is acquainted with over half a dozen Indian languages. Being a freelancer he ensured that he entered into contract with private agencies only on short term basis. Though that meant he would earn a little lesser, he chose independence over money (kuch paane ke liye, kuch khona padta hai).

Playing cricket with my trek leaders and friends at Hargaon


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All that happens, happens for the good

25 December, 2016

Previous night my friend (Akshita) fell off the stairs bringing in pain for herself and uncertainty for us. However today was much different than what we had expected. It was indeed a day of ‘Jugaadu adventure’.

I would have never imagined myself lifting a girl down the hills and across beaches. But that happened today. Same is the case with using boats as a means of transport and cartons as a base to slide on.
I was of the belief that Day 2 was a ‘bad’ day and hence expected the whole trip to follow in such a way. But now, looking back, the ‘bad’ day that was expected to follow ended up being a day of fun packed adventure which we would have missed if not for the ‘great fall’.

Life is so much similar. We can easily sit back, cry and crib over our past and worry about the uncertainties of tomorrow. But in the process we lose out on our lovely present. If perception changes, things will change. Innovation, whether frugal or not, when applied over the difficulties faced in life, will ultimately lead to finding an alternative. But it will not happen unless we stop clinging on to our past.

Every day is a new day. Every second is a new life. Things will be under our own control, if we choose to be here and now… and then all will end well!

My Jugaadu Adventure are a series of posts from my travel to Bengaluru, Gokarna and Mangaluru which took place between 23/12/2016 and 29/12/2016