Marriage and Love

28 December 2016

First of our friends got married today. What I saw today on the faces of Amanda (the bride) and Philip (the groom) was pure happiness. Love is a beautiful thing, I suppose, and by marrying the person we love, we give our love an identity.

But are love and marriage synonymous to each other? Love can exist even without marriage. We see people loving their parents, girlfriends, pets and friends. The contract of marriage thus is not needed for love to exist. Also, marriage too can exist without love. It happens when we do not really value the person with whom we are entering into the ‘contract’.

But when love and marriage co-exist, things are so much more closer to the ideal, the relationship between the couple thrives with happiness, and they let out their happy vibes to the rest of the beings.

Maybe that is why my friends’ and my happiness knew no bounds when we heard them say ‘yes’.


My Jugaadu Adventure are a series of posts from my travel to Bengaluru, Gokarna and Mangaluru which took place between 23/12/2016 and 29/12/2016


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