Important topics for Environment (UPSC CSE Prelims 2016)

  1. Ramsar sites (Especially Loktak lake, Bhitarkanika, Bharatpur and Point Calimere)
  2. National Action Plan on Climate Change
  3. Soil conservation
  4. Marine mammals, Sea horse and Sea cucumber
  5. Eco tone and Mangroves
  6. Difference between In situ, Ex situ, National Park, Wild life sanctuary, etc
  7. Bio fuel, etc (From NIOS Environment material; chapter 30 – Renewable sources of energy II)
  8. Environmental Chemistry (From Chapter 14 of Class XI Chemistry NCERT)
  9. Important (read endemic) animals of Himalayas and W.Ghats
  10. Bio Geo Chemical cycles (especially nitrogen cycle –> Bio fertiliser)
  11. Relationship between organisms (From class XII Biology Part II NCERT)
  12. E-waste and its diseases and conventions on it (Basel and Rotterdam)
  13. GEF and GCF
  14. National Biodiversity Authority, Nagoya protocol and Cartagena protocol
  15. BNHS / WWF / IUCN / Wetlands Intl / Birdlife Intl / Intl Whaling Commission
  16. COP 15, 16, 21

Tip: If you do not know the answer to a question and if one of the options is Arunachal Pradesh, then the answer is Arunachal Pradesh


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